Styling Your Extensions

Styling Your Extensions

One of the best benefits of wearing Halo Extensions is how quickly and easily they can be applied. You can change up your whole look in 60 seconds or less. The ease at which they can be applied makes them a stress-free addition to your current daily routine.

How To Wear Your Extensions  

Before starting, make sure both your hair and the extensions are combed out and free of tangles. Then, section off the hair in a circular shape around your crown and tie into a loose bun. Make sure to leave some free-flowing hair around the frame of your face. This will give a more natural look to your style. Next, place the Halo weft around the crown of your head, in between the bun and just above your ears. Adjust the wore if you need to so that it’s not too loose or too tight. A good way to check is to give your head a little shake and if the weft doesn’t move then it’s good. If it’s moving down, then go up in size and if it feels like it’s going to pop off, go up in size.

If the Halo weft has clips, now is the time to secure them. Release your natural hair from its bun and, using a paddle brush, gently comb the hair to blend them together. Now it’s time to style! 

Styling Your Extensions

The great thing about our Remy Halo Extensions is that they are made of 100% Human Hair so they can be styled almost as if you were styling your natural hair, even with heated styling tools. Make sure if you are going to use any heated tools on your extensions that you use a lower heat setting and a good heat protector.  With that being said you can literally pull off almost any style you want. Here are some quick and easy styles to get you started.

The Messy Ponytail

Everyone loves a ponytail! They can be playful, professional and elegant.

  1. Begin by moving the hair on the sides of your head upward while making sure that the hair is uniform and leveled to cover the halo. This step can be a little tricky, but with some practice, you’ll master it.
  2. Make sure that the halo is flat, even, and that your natural hair is covering it. You can now converge the two segments at the rear of your head (above your neck level).
  3. Grasp the two segments together with one of your hands and use your free hand to take the remaining hair from under the portions and tie it in a messy ponytail.
  4. Add some texture by teasing or curling the hair to your liking.
  5. Give your hair a light spritz with a light hold hair spray and you’re ready to go! 

The Half-Up, Half-Down

This is a great hairstyle to frame your face. For this one, make sure that the Halo Extension is sitting low at the rear of your head and keep more of your hair above the Halo. This will help hide the extension.

Start by pulling a small portion of your hair at the top of your head and create a high pony. But make sure you still have adequate hair remaining at the top to hide the weft. Ensure the ponytail is tight enough to sit straight and have more volume.

This is where it gets fun. There are so many different styles you can go with from here. You can just leave it in a mini high pony or you can do a top bun, or space buns, braids .. the possibilities are almost endless. You can even add accessories like a scarf or pretty clip, maybe some fresh flowers.  


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