How To Color Match Your Extensions

How To Color Match Your Extensions

Craving to try extensions to change up your look, but worried about them not matching your natural hair and looking off? Then keep reading, we’ve got you covered.

A good rule of thumb is to always look at your hair in natural light so you are seeing true colors. We recommend taking a few selfies in the natural light, they don’t have to be anything extravagant. Just make sure they are from different angles, front, back and sides. You can take these with if you are making your purchase in person so the sales representative can help you select the perfect color.

If you are shopping for yourself, you want to try to match them to the shade from the middle to the ends of your hair. The color closer to the roots tends to be a different shade, but the goal is to have the halo extensions blend with the mid to lower part of your hair since that is where they will show. If you are unsure or in between to colors you can check and see if the company has any swatches available they can provide you. You can hold the swatches up to your hair, you’ll want it to overlap the bottom of your hair. If the swatch blends in then that’s the one for you. If not, then try other swatches.

Some things to avoid…

Lighter extensions do not lighten your hair color. Using extensions that are to light will actually create a big contrast and do the opposite. Also, never use your roots to color match your extensions. They will always be darker than the rest of your hair.

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