How Are Remy Extensions Made?

How Are Remy Extensions Made?

How Are Remy Extensions Made

100% Human Remy hair is:

- Made from ethically sourced, never-before-processed “virgin” hair.

Remy extensions are sourced from donors who have beautiful, chemically untouched locks. This hair is of the highest quality possible, making it the best material with which to produce our hair extensions.

- Oriented with the cuticle facing down.

Hair has a natural direction to it--there’s a root side and an end side, or a natural top and bottom, and the cuticle layer on the outside always faces downward. Remy hair takes this direction into account, meaning the hair is properly aligned with the root side at the top, the end side at the bottom, and the cuticle layer facing downward. That means there’s no risk of tangling or breakage when caring for the hair.

- 100% uniform.

Each and every strand of our hair extensions is Human Remy hair--no exceptions.

- Does not shed or fall out.

The quality stitching of our wefts means that the hair in the Perfect Blend Halo Extensions is extremely secure. With the exception of a few stray hairs, but that's to be expected. Even your real hair sheds a few strays every now and then. But shedding should never be excessive.

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